New Year's Eve at Spirit Rock

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Resting in the Kind Heart in the Midst o f Uncertainty New Year's Eve with Amana Brembry Johnson, Mark Coleman & Jennifer Berezan Jennifer will be joined by singer Evelie Posch.

Each New Year’s celebration marks a symbolic passing through a threshold of transformative possibility. 2020 illuminated the uncomfortable truths of uncertainty, impermanence and the deep grief of loss and loneliness. This tender suffering is an internal call to remember our connection to each other, to this earth and to the wonder of life that collectively courses through us.

You are warmly invited to join in community for an evening of music, meditation, chanting and wisdom sharing. Come together as we affirm a new day and a new year filled with possibility, hope, and the joy we share through our collective breath of life. The evening will culminate with the sounding of 108 bells to welcome the New Year.