Praises for the World

Jennifer Berezan

Mailed via USPS.

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A beautiful response to the hunger in the human heart for devotion to the gift of life. Awakening us to our own gratitude and solidarity with all beings.” - Joanna Macy

A devotional and ecstatic long playing chant for our world. Renowned musicians, singers and poets join Jennifer Berezan to create this healing and celebratory musical landscape. 

With special guests: Alice Walker, Patti Cathcart, Jami Sieber, Chris Webster, Riffat Salamat, Erika Luckett, Barbara Higbie, Joey Blake, David Worm, Anthony Costello, Rick Lazar, Michaelle Goerlitz, don benedictson, Jackeline Rago and the Voices of Nature. 

A unique devotional recording, at once wholly personal and ultimately universal. The rapturous blend of song, poetry and chant, floating forth on a sumptuous, multicultural tapestry of enthralling voices achieves a rare state of grace with as much musical richness as spiritual depth.” - Yoga Journal