From the recording End of Desire

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12 am in Istanbul

It’s 12am in Istanbul, a thousand voices in the air
I can hardly hear you on the phone, I’m drowning in this midnight prayer
I can’t tell you how good it feels and how your voice helps soothe the pain
I’ve spent too many miles just spinning my wheels
All this travelling it’s just driving me insane
But I’m coming home

I travelled half way ‘round the world to sail across the Aegean sea
Face down in a hallowed field I gave my heart to Aphrodite
I’m so tired of holding back, keeping one foot out the door
I never was the marrying kind but I don’t wanna do that anymore
Not with you

Chorus: And I would crawl on my knees
Cross the desert, scale the walls of ancient cities
I would set fire to my past
For the secret of a love that I thought might last

12am in Istanbul, a thousand voices in the night
I sing out my praises too, send them on the birds in flight
I see our bodies like a prayer, earth below and sky above
Breath and heart and skin and hair, I make an altar of this love
I worship there

Constantinople sky wakes me in this foreign bed
Crumpled letters in my hand, Rumi’s poems in my head
Everything I want to know and all the ways I want to be
Some roads lead me back to you , but all roads lead me back to me
It’s true

Chorus 2x
©Jennifer Berezan