From the recording End of Desire

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Take Me To The Mountain

I was born in ‘61, seemed the world had just begun
there were a million things that you could put your faith in
And I was raised on Hermann Hesse, women’s rights, left politics
and Bob Dylan before he got religion

We knew that we could make it right, change this world overnight
we sang and we marched and we believed
But years they come and years they go where you’ll end up nobody knows
Now sometimes I feel like I can hardly breathe

And oh..take me to the mountain
Sing me an old song and remind me what it means
Cause I’ll always be a child of that history
Weaving the future out of yesterday’s dreams

Well I was just a child back then, in ‘71 I was just 10
but there was something in those winds of change that moved me
Voices echoed cross the land in a language I could understand
and like some lightning bolt they burned right through me

I used to believe that life’s a road you’re travelling
a straight shot down until you reach the promise land
But lately I‘ve come to see that life’s a river rambling
each day you wake and try to do the best you can

©Jennifer Berezan