From the recording End of Desire

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The Land of the Hungry Ghost

Once there was a garden, I’ve seen it in my dreams
Trees as tall as mountains, crystal clear blue streams
Don’t ask me what happened, I’m not sure I know
It’s something that got started so many years ago

I have heard the strange sounds of the modern lullaby
It lures you with sweet promises and soothes you with its lies
And if you fall asleep my friend it’ll sing into your dreams
In the morning you will wake up in the arms of the machine


All you’ve ever wanted, all the things you love the most
Can fall through a crack and never come back
In the land of the hungry ghost, the hungry ghost

I have watched the leaves that drop their colors in the fall
and dried my eyes in wonder at the beauty of it all
But this dying that just comes from greed and a closed and fisted hand
Leaves me grasping for some reasons that I can understand


Gonna open up my eyes right now and see what I can see
Water, fire, earth and air, my friends my family
And I won’t take another breath till I tell them how I feel
Cause there aint no telling where we’ll be the next spinnning on this wheel