From the recording End of Desire

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Lonely Autumn Night

The sun is setting so early now, I feel the coming of the dark
This is the time I love the best and still, I feel this aching in my heart
I’ve always thought that a change would come and I’m still hoping that it might
I can’t help thinking about the desperate ones
On this lonely autumn night

Computer screens are humming everywhere, in all the houses on my block
But I’m just dreaming about some village square where we can sit and laugh and talk
Though I have loved the things this world has made I’d trade it all for firelight
And all the tender things I’ve heard you say
On this lonely autumn night


Lonely autumn night
We’ll go out dancing in the corn fields and thank the spirits for the harvest yields
Just like the way they used to do
Lonely autumn night
We’ll lie all night under a yellow moon and rock forever to the fiddle’s tune
The sky, the corn and me and you

The butterflies are passing through my yard, the fruit is falling off the vine
The grapes are hanging heavy, dark and sweet, soon there’ll be jars of winter wine
I turn my face toward a million stars wishing that they would shed some light
On all the troubles in this sweet sweet world
On this lonely autumn night

© Jennifer Berezan