From the recording End of Desire

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June to September

I’m getting older, I’m starting to show it
If there’s a way around it, I sure don’t know it
Maybe I’m smarter, maybe just jaded
One minute I’m hip the next I’m terribly dated

Baby, do you remember
How we ran so wild in the summer light
We were crazy, June to September
Burning like the prairie in the Calgary night

I close my eyes and we’re down by the river
Playing our music oh it still makes me shiver
We played for pleasure imagine that, now that seems funny
Now that we’re slaves to airports, accolades and money


I’ve got a secret I never told you
I always hoped that one day I’d get to hold you
Maybe I’m just dreaming or maybe it was magic
I never knew that I could be so damn nostalgic
©Jennifer Berezan