From the recording End of Desire

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Aurora Borealis Sky

He said it’s like a fire burning in the night
Or some sky dancing painter with a box of holy light
A million brilliant colors all swirling in the trees
A power in that Yukon sky that brought him to his knees

He gave his life to science and measuring the world
Set his mind to questions only numbers could unfurl
Put his faith in logic and the things you can explain
But what exploded in his heart that night was a thing he couldn’t name

And me I’m changing, it’s true I’m getting older
You can tell by the way I’m looking back over my shoulder
If there’s just one thing I want to see before I die
The lights of an Aurora Borealis sky


I have heard the story, the people of that land
Living in that northern world they’ve come to understand
That there are fires burning out in the brilliant sky
And they’ll all dance around them with their loved ones when they die

And if you ever leave me, if death should call your name
And I am inconsolable and helpless in my pain
Then I will travel northward unto that winter place
And there among those dancing lights I’m sure I’ll see your face

©Jennifer Berezan