1. End of Desire

From the recording End of Desire

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End of Desire

I’ve been to the desert
Rode camels in the sand
Hitchhiked across the border passed through cities and towns
with just a wave of my hand
Walked through forests so young
Sat in temples so old
I’ve howled at the moon, swung on the stars
been offered silver and gold
But there comes a moment like this
There’s nothing more I require
I’ve got everything I need and there’s nothing else to be
It’s ’s the end of desire
the end of desire

Chorus: It’s high as a mountain it’s deep as the sea
It’s wide as a valley
It’s full and it’s empty
It’s everything I want when my wanting retires
It’s all that begins
at the end of desire
the end of desire


This push and this pull
This kick and this shove
This hoping and dreaming this planning and scheming
for the thing we call love
If I said that wasn’t me(Em) you know that I’d be a liar
But there’s a moment one day when there’s nothing left to say
It’s the end of desire
the end of desire

©Jennifer Berezan